Quick Note on Kevin Kouzmanoff

After the way he finished last season, I think a lot of fans were expecting big things from Kouzmanoff.  Through 312 plate appearances this season, I think he’s left most of us disappointed.  He has hit .263/.311/.419 which doesn’t quite match his season line of .275/.329/.457 from last year.  It seemed like he got off to a better start this year in April though, so I decided to see where this year’s line compares to last year’s through the same number of plate appearances.

He’s actually doing better, which is a little surprising and even a little encouraging.  Through 312 PA in 2007, he was hitting only .230/.288/.401.  23 points of OBP and 18 points of SLG isn’t half bad.  Should he finish the year with those increases holding, he’d have an OBP/SLG of .352/.475 at the end.  I don’t necessarily expect that, but honestly I don’t know what to expect, so that doesn’t mean much.


5 Responses to “Quick Note on Kevin Kouzmanoff”

  1. Ray Lankford Says:

    One problem that will stand in the way of his efforts to repeat his second half of last year is his strike out rates. They are substantially higher and will make it hard for him to have a high enough batting average to repeat.

  2. richardbrianwade Says:

    Kouz has three fewer strikeouts through 312 PA than he had last season.

  3. Ray Lankford Says:

    Given his first 312 plate appearances last year, that’s not saying very much.

  4. richardbrianwade Says:

    You suggested his strikeout rates this year would prevent him from having a second half rebound like last year when he managed that rebound last year despite a worse strikeout rate.

  5. Ray Lankford Says:

    Last year, Kouzmanoff’s strike out rates were indicative of his complete inability to hit. Now, he’s making better contact while his strike out rate is similar and his walk rates are far lower. If Kouz does turn it on, he’d probably hit .400 after the break but his numbers seem to suggest that he’s found a balance.

    So you’re right that my substantially higher claim is wrong. But in light of everything else, he’s striking out more in relation to what else he’s doing with the bat.

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